Senior Software Scientist (DevSecOps)

cloudyBoss Group - Remote (or Klaipeda, Bangkok, Sydney or Seoul)


Are You passionate about building high quality platforms & leading-edge technologies? Are you a tenacious self-driven, self-learner & self-starter, obsessed with excellence?

We are looking for a Senior Software Scientist (DevSecOps) to join our frontier tech team preferably on a remote basis, otherwise at any of our Global Technology Hubs in Lithuania, South Korea, Thailand, or Australia.

Position Description

In this role, you will design, build, and maintain advanced core technologies, as well as implement and support solutions for our international clients.

From day 1, you will be fully immersed within our virtual team, collaborating with world-class engineering and business top-notches, contributing to cB excellence. You will participate hands-on to the continuous agile development of the renowned cB stack, the world first industrial DLT solution, fulfilling tech project assignments.

Your focus will be on core DevSecOps tools ranging from innovative new Database platform, Cybersecurity solutions, Development workbench, Integrated Cloud Infrastructure management and general multi-suite stack enhancements.

You will choose your location, work at your own pace, on your own terms, BYOD basis, with little oversight, while upholding and enriching cB values.

Requirements & qualifications

To excel in this role, you will possess the following:

  • Strong requirements analysis, system design, SDLC, OOP, API, cloud / mobile app, & database development skills
  • Subject matter expertise in code editors, workbench, database engine, infrastructure & cybersecurity tooling
  • Advanced SQL, PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Flutter, TensorFlow, Selenium, C/C++, & other techs
  • Advanced understanding of SKYE industrial DLT protocol, smart contracts & distributed SKYE rings/clusters
  • Advanced skills & experience with ethical hacking frameworks & methods from reconnaissance to forensics
  • Advanced skills & experience in cryptography, IoC, IoA, obfuscation methods/analysis & in-mem threats
  • Advanced skills & experience in blue team tooling & concepts such as OWASP, CVE, STIX/TAXII & others
  • Advanced skills & experience in red team tooling such as BEEF, METASPLOIT, KALI, debuggers & others
  • Comfortable with quantum computing principles, advanced linear algebra, primality & number theory
  • Comfortable with advanced agile methodologies, UML language, 6NF (or higher) & graph data models
  • Higher IT education coupled with experience/ability to work with high integrity and little oversight
  • Comfortable with scientific research & development principles, methods and practice
  • Full cBx8x (at least cBx80, preferably cBx81, 82 & 83) + cBxACC certification(s)
  • Outstanding oral & written communication skills
  • Fluent (read, write, speak) in 1 x OTE language
  • Fluent (read, write, speak) in English

If your qualifications do not exactly match our requirements, but you believe you have potential, an aspiration to learn so to match our expectations, think that you might bring value, be a great addition to our champion tech tribe of elite engineers, and are compatible with our ethos, do contact us at info(at) for other opportunities to engage with the cB ecosystem.

What does cB offer?

Depending on your tech grit, audacity & tenacity, you’ll have an opportunity to carve your own in-roads into becoming an integral part of the cloudyBoss group, the world first industrial DLT ecosystem platform!

With a portfolio of world-class software solutions, break-through technologies, and a constant pipeline of enticing development projects for those passionate about technological challenges, cB offers a unique, dynamic, and flexible environment for passionate professionals to thrive, grow and excel.

You’ll earn contract fees for each project assignment, rights & royalties over your own code NFTs applied to cB production stack, and capital gains on options & shares in a fast-growing and far-reaching tech ecosystem, alongside other benefits.

Most importantly, you’ll work on mission-critical solutions that do matter, bring meaning to your personal journey, and contribute to the greater good.

To apply, send your CV today at info(at)