cB 3-horizons DevOps


"Continuous acceleration have blurred the lines between conventional R&D, technology management and infrastructure operations."


cB DEUS DevOps Executive Tanya Shrivastava

cB DEUS DevOps Executive Tanya Shrivastava


Until recently, conventional IT operations strictly segregated and hierarchized application development vs system administration, infrastructure, hardware management and operations. The lines between these areas are nowadays quickly blurring. This results in the emerging of fully integrated unified DevOps units.

cloudyBoss 3-horizons

cB DevOps operates under a continuously self-disrupting, phoenix-like, framework with an SDLC articulating around 3 horizons. Horizon-1 consists of short (daily or hourly deployments), mostly market-driven, cycles. Horizon-1 matches the dynamics of classic agile methodologies such as scrum and others. Horizon-2 focuses on integration between core stack and known but unreleased baseline technologies. Horizon-2 has a 2 to 5 years typical timeframe which matches the availability of the upcoming technologies being integrated.

Horizon-3 is all about the unknown. It is a self-disruptive research & development process focused on innovative technologies. Horizon-3 projects have typical cycles of 5+ years or more. cB scientific and engineering communities carry out research & development activities across these 3 different horizons, in a simultaneous and highly integrated fashion. This unique approach results in a fully aware Horizon-1, allowing hyper-efficient prioritization of requests.