In cB, values are bottom-up, determined by its constituents.

Over time, cB stakeholders' enduring & meaningful relationships have forged the unique traits we're made of.

People with such values are rare & special. It is uneasy to become part of cB: it's who we are, we do not apologize for it!

Prior to approach cB for possible collaborations, do assess how well your own values match or align with ours.


1. Integrity

Much is encapsulated in this powerful word, for example: honesty, humility, gratitude, transparency, ethics, respect for Yourself & others, reliability, compliance with highest standards of governance and more. Having integrity means prioritizing courage over comfort, rightness over convenience, practicing rather than professing, striving for sustainable excellence vs minimum standards. Integrity implies fact-based, truth-seeking, due diligence which neutralizes info-washing, lies or propaganda. Integrity demands built-in succession management, rejects any sense of entitlement, excessive ego, or ill-founded, misplaced manifestations of self-importance.


2. Awareness

Awareness, including self-awareness, encompasses abilities, attributes & behaviours such as maintaining high professional currency, staying informed at root cause levels, being holistic, contextual at any level (from global geopolitics & socioeconomics to localized narrow organizational contexts and individual backgrounds), accountable, vigilant, prudent, taking calculated risks, learning fast, making mistakes once, continuously developing wisdom, managing personal failures without blaming others, anticipating risks & prioritizing corrected trajectories vs relying on post-mortem mitigation, while nurturing and continuously enhancing advanced, unambiguous, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-modal communication skills.


3. Compassion

In cB, compassion means care for others. It extends to all life forms, environmental assets, and the worlds around us, of which we're only a part of. Compassion manifests itself in different ways: providing guidance, protecting, supporting, empowering, communicating respectfully, maintaining at all times socio-religious-political agnosticism and/or extending oecumenism principles to all beliefs, traditions, sociocultural thought processes & methodologies including those underpinning modern sciences, being fair and empathetic in all interactions, always “have a go”, never “burn a bridge” nor “close a door”, and being aware of mental illnesses such as power-derived abuses alongside the ways to cure them.


4. Resilience

Many, arguably all, within the cB universe are entrepreneurs at heart, or in real-life. From all traits characterizing thriving and accomplished entrepreneurs, resilience is arguably one of the most important. Resilience demands endurance, leanness, patience, agility, flexibility, adaptability, courage, focus, determination, self-control, non-judgemental abilities, and an inner sense of sustainability. It is in the resilience trait that the concept of long-term far-horizon entrepreneurship, central to cB ethos, comes to the fore. Long-term views & far-reaching goals demand everyone’s resilience.


5. Freedom

Alongside resilience, another key entrepreneurial trait among cB stakeholders is freedom, the ability to independently act within trust-less environments (such as in DLT, cybersecurity & other contexts), form own views, focus on outcomes, and show decisiveness. While often collaborating, within client projects or new tech development, cB stakeholders rely on themselves more than others; they self-manage, maximize empowerment, robotization & automation tools, set their own pace & leverage spontaneous alignment with thriving group dynamics, eliminating conventional middle-management: they practice acute risk avoidance, nevertheless build contingencies, & quickly neutralize any form of coercion or power abuses they or their peers might experience. In cB, we are free!