cloudyBoss vision & goals


"cloudyBoss’ goal is to enhance, maintain and protect the well-being of all life forms & the planet they inhabit, by empowering us, the fortunate 8 billion, to change the way we live and work."

cB Founder & DEUS GAA executive Jane Di Noto

Founder Jane Di Noto


cloudyBoss was spinned-off by the GDN consulting firm in early 2008. This is when APEASE licensing, KEYSTONE/SKYE technology and NEXT+ prototype were all turned to reality: these first building blocks remain today cloudyBoss cornerstones. Since inception, cloudyBoss has striven to build a distinct entrepreneurial ecosystem, away from top-down short-termism, and propelled by sustainable long-term goals spanning multiple generations: smarter g/localization remains the unaltered tenet behind its ethos. It is driven by the harsh reality we are all in, that of a depleted planet in ever-worsening environmental, social and economic conditions.

global threats

The risks facing humanity are plenty and daunting. As challenging as they are, neutralizing all major threats at once, on time and in aggregate, is straight forward. Driven by necessity, the mother of all inventions, a viable solution to such threats consists in "mitigating tomorrow’s greatest risks by solving today’s most lethal one: urbanization failure. Urbanization failure accounts for 10 million deaths each year, and significant environmental damages. This toll is greater than that of any other catastrophe ever experienced by humanity.

cloudyBoss technologies

G/localization (a mix of decentralization and digitalization strategies) is the fastest route to tackle urbanization failure. It materializes via smarter cities and industries. G/localized smartness involves advanced technologies, combined with start-up acceleration and digital transformation programs. Such programs are bottom-up, grassroot and long-term rather than top-down, shallow and short-lived. Together with academic, industry, and institutional partners, cloudyBoss continuously develops, maintains and deploys effective and sustainable g/localization programs, platforms and technologies.

cloudyBoss today is a vast distributed ecosystem of partner organizations, collectively developing, running, and implementing the ultimate DAPP (Distributed Application) technology. It empowers networks and organizations of any size to deploy decentralized value chain ecosystems and build protocol-driven solutions to enhance g/local trade & economics across all sectors. From solo entrepreneurs and start-ups to the world’s largest enterprises and industries, no matter their stage or use case, cloudyBoss champion core platform, NEXT+, and its built-in multi-lateral elasticity allow the fast and cost-effective deployment of efficient, collaborative, and secure trading ecosystems. cB end-market segments are industry ecosystems, enterprises, governments, and not-for-profit organizations alongside start-ups. They use cB technology, products and services for different reasons depending on their respective segment or size:

  • Governments and city councils shift to greater smartness and highest levels of data integrity via Advancity and SKYE DLT
  • Large organizations take their corporate start-up program to the next level and fast-track their digitalization via D.OT
  • Global SMB's solve scale-up and integration pain points by replacing disjointed apps with the NEXT+ platform
  • Local SMB's sustainably avoid international logistics, banking, or taxation expansion challenges with NEXT+
  • Investors and Accelerators enhance ventures' success rate and shorten payback time via Startospheric
  • Start-ups scale-up and keep-up their big ideas into global businesses much faster via Startospheric