cB QAIoT quantum technology


"Alongside RNA-based bio-computing, it is with cB QAIoT that KEYSTONE's engineering depth & elegance shines through."

cB DevOps Lead Engineer Kiran Chandrasekaran

cB DevOps Lead Engineer Kiran Chandrasekaran


QAiOT (pronounced "coyote") is the name coined by cB for its specific quantum technology. Such technology aims to materialize Quantum Artificial Intelligence at the edge, by combining a new breed of Quantum Tech with Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things. QAIoT is a cB Horizon-3 programme to build small scale, tiny quantum devices & smart sensors that can operate at room temperature in a stable manner, and be produced in relatively trivial, flexible and sustainable ways, such as via 3/4D printing, a.k.a. additive manufacturing methods.

cB QAIoT is triggering a worldwide R&D rethink, with national initiatives & government programs quickly shifting to the production of flexible small scale quantum sensors vs large scale less practical quantum machines. QAIoT departure from Quantum Supremacy strategies considerably simplifies decoherence challenges: it also provides a clear set of real-world use cases, derived from an IoT market estimated to reach USD 15t by 2030.


Contrary to larger scale Quantum processors and computers, QAIoT devices & sensors deliberately have a low number (2 or a few at most) dense-matrix qubits. Such devices operate under novel post-Boolean & post-Von Newman architectures developed by cB scientists & engineers, which turn on its head the way conventional quantum gates operate. cB unique QAIoT tech was recognized via its 2017 peer-reviewed papers about cB SND (Scale-Neutral Digits) at the QTECH 2018 conference in Paris.

The next steps for cB with its QAIoT program is to materialize, with its industry, government & academic partners, a TRL-6 or above unchained DLT ecosystem prototype based on QAIoT by 2026 or earlier.

Alliances & synergies

Industry, Institutional, Investment and Academic organizations interested in an alliance with the cB QAIoT program team shall contact cB to discuss how they might contribute and participate to this exciting initiative.