cB multi-cloud products


"the original vendor-neutral cloud infrastructure provider."

cB MNB certified business development partner Rashee Ingle

cB MNB certified business development partner Rashee Ingle


Underpinning cB NEXT+ SaaS and D.Apps are pioneering cloud infrastructure solutions, ranging from scalable containers to large-scale off-the-shelf vendor-neutral DLT cluster solutions.

cloudyBoss multicloud

cloudyBoss offers 2 fundamental categories of infrastructure products, both scalable to any size:

1. single node containers (cBCCxx & cBCSxx products) - a single node might correspond to an organization. Such organization might be a single enterprise or a multi-companies one requiring multiple discrete online platforms. While a single node container corresponds to 1 x KEYSTONE production instance, it can deploy any number of cB-FE D.App instances as required.

2. cluster solutions (cBCDLC product) - a cluster corresponds to a DLT ecosystem of any size (many nodes). Such cluster typically deploys nodes from cB-BE instances, i.e. distributed DLT MSPs (Member Service Providers). To mitigate vendor-related externalities (where a single infrastructure vendor might be adversely compromised), DLT clusters are typically multi-vendor.

The high-level adjacent system architecture diagram features how the cB stack and instances of its 2 native D.Apps cB-BE and cB-FE articulate between them.

cBCC2I Cloud Container 2/20Gb (monthly fee)
cBCC11 Cloud Container 1/10Gb (yearly fee)
cBCC3I Cloud Container 3/30Gb (monthly fee)
cBCC5I Cloud Container 5/50Gb (monthly fee)
cBCC4I Cloud Container 4/40Gb (monthly fee)
cBCS11 Managed Virtual Server 1.1.100 (yearly fee)
cBCS24 Managed Virtual Server 2.4.500 (yearly fee)
cBCDLC 4 x cBCS8X Managed Cluster (yearly fee)
cBCS8X Managed Virtual Server 8.16.2100 (yearly fee)
cBCS4X Managed Virtual Server 4.32.1100 (yearly fee)