cB NEXT+ SaaS products


"The world-first off-the-shelf industrial eDLT platform."

cB MNB business development partner Philippe Allemand

Certified Partner Philippe Allemand

cloudyBoss clients opt for either their own tailored solutions, built upon the cB stack together with certified implementation partners, or might prefer the off-the-shelf convenience and instantaneity of cB NEXT+ SaaS and its native D.Apps, cB-BE and cB-FE.

cloudyBoss NEXT+

cB NEXT+ SaaS is built on the cB stack. It covers 85+ functional modules, to run entreprises of any size and scope, or DLT ecosystems with any number of nodes. Functional modules are purchased separately to match client requirements. NEXT+ licensing is unlimited: this means that the only variable costs are about the cloud infrastructure required to run operations.

cBNBAS NEXT+ Basis Foundation suite (yearly fee)
cBNCMS NEXT+ Content Management suite (yearly fee)
cBNECO NEXT+ eCommerce Suite (yearly fee)
cBNCRM NEXT+ Customer Relations Management suite (yearly fee)
cBNDLT NEXT+ industrial Distributed Ledger (yearly fee)
cBNACC NEXT+ Universal 3P Accounting (yearly fee)
cBNWMS NEXT+ Workforce Management suite (yearly fee)
cBNIOT NEXT+ integrated Internet of Things (yearly fee)
cBNANI NEXT+ Artificial Intelligence & Autopilot (yearly fee)