cloudyBoss CIP

The cloudyBoss ecosystem serves many types of end-client & market, in many ways and via different go-to-market channels.

While provides a self-service COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) fulfilment solution to end-clients eager to implement a cloudyBoss solution by themselves, many others require bespoke solutions, i.e. the combination of an underpinning framework such as the cB stack, alongside development and customization services as well as tailored infrastructure and/or support services. These bespoke and support services are always fulfilled via a global network of cloudyBoss CIPs, Certified Implementation Partners.

The range of CIPs span from large service organizations with vast geographical scope to single IT professionals, as well as organizations with hardware, middleware and software solutions which hybridize with the cB stack.

Certification (cBX8X & 7X) is a mandatory pre-requisite for any provider eager to operate with, and be referred client implementation projects by cloudyBoss.

cloudyBoss continuously looks into expanding its global network of Certified Implementation Partners, via mutually beneficial relationships with suitable organizations, the world over, under its APEASE framework.

Any organization of any size, including solo entrepreneurs and professionals, interested in joining the cloudyBoss CIP network shall contact us today for more information and to discuss next steps.