cB provides intuitive, elaborate & effective solutions to shift entire sectors & urban communities toward smarter operations.With cB tech, cities, industries & organisations of any size can easily deploy decentralized ecosystems, value chain solutions & materialize their advanced use cases.



The convergence of AI, DLT, IoT and AR into cB NEXT+ has opened new frontiers in healthcare, solving centralisation issues impacting public EMR (Electronic Medical Records), contributing to a shift from post-condition cure to proactive well-being and condition-avoidance strategies while optimising capabilities usage in conventional hospital settings or innovating in eldercare delivery. The triplex DNA-inspired KEYSTONE tech solves acute bio-engineering data management and performance issues.


advanced supply chain & mobility

With its built-in DLT, AI & IoT features, NEXT+ is the ideal platform to materialise advanced cargo or passenger logistics. As transportation evolves toward more sustainable mobility-as-a-service models, NEXT+ trivially solves an array of new requirements including real-time environmental impact assessments, in-transit trading, best route determinations, alongside innovations in last-mile 3D driverless solutions & PropTech integration.


Industry 4.5

Central to g/localization, industry 4.5 redefines physical space, merging retail & manufacturing, shifting consumption toward mass tailorization, and accelerating logistics shift from long routes to drone-based last-miles. NEXT+ natively fulfills industry 4.5 manufacturing requirements with immediate plug-ins for smart printers, smart machines, IoT & drone controllers.