Work-From-Home audit services

Assess compliance with WFH collaborators

cBSWFH provides a streamlined online regular auditing service for each of your WFH (Work-From-Home) users. The service consists in a short monthly live interaction with a user to assess a checklist of standard regulative and technical criteria (that can be attuned to the client specific needs), and the provision of a detailed report and audit certificate for each interaction. cBSWFH audit services assure the client, and any of its stakeholders or relevant third-parties, that the client's operations comply with applicable laws, regulations and policies such as GDPR, Security of Information, Workplace Health & Safety and others. It also provides each user and the client with an additional layer of technical support and monitoring in relation to network connection, individual device management, BYOD policy compliance and other aspects. cBSWFH cost is on an annual per user service basis.

cBSWFH - WFH audit (yearly per user fee)
USD 350.00