Professional Consulting services

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The list of consulting services offered by cB is delivered by its Certified Implementation Partner network. cBSSRV services are quoted on request and subject to availability.

cloudyBoss pro services

The list of available professional services includes (but is not limited to):
1. Pain & Gain Analysis, Audit & Assessment
2. White paper, strategic roadmaps & business plan/pitch (EU standard TRL 2)
3. SRS - System Requirements Specifications (EU standard TRL 2)
4. Designer Brief (EU standard TRL 2)
5. Implementation Project Planning & Management (EU standard TRL 2 to 9)
6. Proof of Concept & Technical Prototyping (EU standard TRL 3 to 5)
7. Alpha-Ready MVP Development (EU standard TRL 5 to 7)
8. Beta-Ready MVP Development (EU standard TRL 7)
9. Market-Ready operational platform (EU standard TRL 8 to 9)


cBSSRV - Professional Services (to be quoted)