System Engineer

eLearning - cB stack, cB D.Apps, cB ANIMA, cyber-security, client communications, discovery, project planning, nodes and ecosystems configuration, customization, change management & post-project handovers

cBEX8X is a 17 modules self-paced eLearning module about all the cB stack, cyber-security and client implementation management. cBEX8X helps trainees develop and/or maintain change requests, using the cB stack development framework as well as gain a practical hands-on understanding of applicable norms, standards, and best practices when coding within a cB stack environment, alongside thorough project management and technical skills for end-client implementations. Prerequisites to undertake this comprehensive engineering training course encompass familiarity and relative proficiency with programming techniques such as OOP, data model design, relational database, normalization, specific operative and coding skills such as LAMP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX, Python, Git and other technical skills. Trainees are provided with their own cB development node. Trainees are issued with formal cBX8X and/or cBX7X certifications on successful completion of both their training and individual practical assessments.

cBEX8X - e-Learning cB Engineer Certification (1 x trainee)
USD 995.00