4 x MVS 8.16.2100 cluster | 4 x pre-configured Full NEXT+ SaaS

cB Managed DLT Cluster solution

cBCDLC is a pre-configured managed cluster solution, ideal for any DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) use cases. cBCDLC consists of 4 x servers to match BFT (Byzantyne Fault Tolerance) requirements for a minimum 3 + 1 nodes configuration. cBCDLC is natively multi-cloud to neutralize any potential vendor-centered cyber-security threats or infrastructure cartelization risks. Each of the cBCDLC servers is pre-configured as a cBCS8X machine. Each cBCS8X provides 8 x CPU, 16 x Gb RAM and 2 Tb storage. cBCDLC solutions are commissioned and renewed on a yearly basis and can be up-scaled as clients may see fit with any number of additional servers. Server physical locations are decided together with the client depending on their needs, usage forecasts and any regulative geo-fencing obligations.

cBCDLC - 4 x cBCS8X Managed Cluster (yearly fee)
USD 45,000.00