Cloud Container 1/10Gb

cB baseline infrastructure package

cBCC11 is an ideal scalable infrastructure solution for start-ups and many SME's. It provides a baseline pre-configured 1 Gb storage and a 10 Gb monthly bandwidth allocation scaled to cover for the vast majority of clients. cBCC11 can be incrementally up-scaled with additional 1/10Gb infrastructure thresholds up to 5 Gb storage and 50 Gb monthly bandwidth (clients requiring higher specifications should look at cBCSxx or cBCDLC solutions). Incremental infrastructure thresholds are applied on a monthly basis: this means that cBCC client solutions can be up-scaled or down-scaled at will to keep costs optimal while covering for occasional boosts in traffic or data.

cBCC11 - Cloud Container 1/10Gb (yearly fee)
USD 650.00